Next-Generation MR-Guided Surgicenter
Safe, Comfortable, Zero Radiation

Welcome to Image Based Surgery Center

Located in Santa Monica, California, Image Based Surgery Center is a state-of-the-art facility accredited by the AAAHC. IBSC represents the new generation of surgicenters incorporating real-time MRI imaging with advanced medical procedures. IBSC’s Philips Panorama 0.23T MRI scanner with OptiGuide allows for specialized open-MRI procedures unavailable elsewhere.

Image Based Surgery Center is a new leader in the next generation of surgical and medical imaging facilities now being built around the world.

Our primary goal is to make you, our patient, as comfortable as possible. That’s why our facility features:

  • A warm, inviting interior design that welcomes you as you walk through the door;
  • Specially trained personnel whose primary job is to ensure your comfort and relaxation throughout your entire visit; and
  • The revolutionary new Philips Panorama 0.23T magnetic resonance (MR) imaging system — fast, open and never claustrophobic, quiet, and best of all, amazing image clarity that your doctor can use to help determine a course of action for your medical care.

Your safety is our primary concern at Image Based Surgery Center. That’s why we use only MRI imaging for all procedure. No dangerous radiation from repeated CT scans or X-rays – only the 100% safe, completely comfortable Philips Panorama MRI for all your imaging requirements.


Inside the IBSC Facility

Image Based Surgery Center is state of the art, integrating the Philips Panorama 0.23T open-air MRI, top-of-the-line medical components, a cutting-edge recovery area and beautiful waiting rooms. It is the top choice for patients who want the best of care.

From the Philips Panorama 0.23T open-air MRI to the top-of-the-line medical components, recovery area and the beautiful waiting room areas, IBSC is the right choice for today’s demanding medical professionals and their patients who want the best of care.

Image Based Surgery Center pairs the revolutionary 0.23T with the OptiGuide advanced optical guidance system. This allows the surgeon to pin-point the exact location in question – far more accurately than other technologies – resulting in less-invasive surgical techniques, and greater comfort and quicker recovery for you.

Your comfort is our goal:

  • The 0.23T’s innovative C-shaped, “open air” design means you’ll never feel that typical claustrophobia that is common with older “donut” or “tunnel”-shaped systems;
  • Its whisper-quiet operation produces only a slight tapping sound during the magnet’s imaging operation, and is otherwise silent, meaning no clunk-clunk pounding noise from earlier-generation systems; and
  • Its open table-top design of the scanning bed fits everyone from infants to large individuals.

Image Based Surgery Center — tomorrow’s surgical-center leader in medical imaging, today.

IBSC Treatment Specialties

Image Based Surgery Center specializes in the treatment of key nerve-based afflictions that most facilities simply cannot address. The IBSC surgical team has decades of experience in delivering targeted treatments with pinpoint accuracy, thanks to the use of real-time MRI imaging in a surgical environment like IBSC.

Piriformis Syndrome

Pudendal Nerve Issues

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD)

Nerve Tumors

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Contact us today regarding the services of Image Based Surgery Center. We can help you work with your physician to receive a referral for minimally invasive, MR-guided surgical procedures to treat many nerve conditions.

Located in Santa Monica, California, Image Based Surgery Center is here to serve you. For fastest service, please contact us at 310-581-1000, or use the contact form below. Thank you for your interest in Image Based Surgery Center.

    Our Location in Santa Monica

    Image Based Surgery Center is located at 900 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 110, Santa Monica, CA 90401. Patients are provided with validation for parking in our lot, which sits just behind our building. Turn south on 26th Street and turn immediately right into our lot to park.