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Welcome to Image Based Surgery Center

Located in Santa Monica, California, Image Based Surgery Center is a state-of-the-art facility accredited by the AAAHC. IBSC represents the new generation of surgicenters incorporating real-time MRI imaging with advanced medical procedures. IBSC's Philips Panorama 0.23T MRI scanner with OptiGuide allows for specialized open-MRI procedures unavailable elsewhere.

How IBSC Helps You

Image Based Surgery Center offers a wide variety of specialized procedures perfect for use in open-MRI settings. A number of diagnoses are effectively treated at IBSC, including piriformis syndrome, pudendal neuralgia, brachial plexus syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, and others. Please choose from any of the options at the right.

From Our Patients

Learn more about the IBSC experience through the words of our patients. Each testimonials represents a different medical procedure and strategy, but the overall care and medical experience is top-level IBSC quality, no matter what the condition. Please choose from any of the options at the right.

For Physicians and Surgeons

Image Based Surgery Center is the top choice of physicians and surgeons for specialized procedures. Close to LAX and based in the beach resort community of Santa Monica, IBSC offers a state-of-the-art surgicenter environment with top technology and support staff ready to assist you. Learn how IBSC can help make your patients more comfortable - and your procedures more successful.

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